Silicone Seals and Packing

Dow Corning Silicone compounds are grease-like lubricants containing silicone fluids and inert silicone fillers. They are resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation while maintaining their properties over a wide temperature range. They are designed as release agents and may be used as O-ring assembly lubricants, non-conductors of electricity, non-curing sealants, and as assembly lubricants for plastic and rubber parts. Silicone compounds may be used for applications where they function in a dual role as both lubricant and sealant. They are used as sealants for cable connectors, battery terminals, rubber door seals, plastic and rubber O-rings, and as an assembly lubricant for various metal-on-plastic and metal-on-rubber combinations Valves are used to carry fluids and gases. They are regularly subjected to high pressures and extreme temperatures as well as corrosive and aggressive factors of influence. Above all, moving parts must be lubricated to withstand their specific service conditions. This means using lubricants that not only resist extreme pressures and temperatures, but also humidity, water and the fluids being carried according to current standards

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