Electronic Protection Solution

The importance of protecting electronic circuit boards is widely acknowledged. It protects and extends the operating life of components and of the boards themselves. Various protection solutions are available depending on the type of chemistry (neutral silicone, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, water-based, etc.) and the desired type of protection (conformal coating, encapsulant, sealing, thermal management, component bonding, etc.). Whatever the electronic application, electronic circuit boards need to be protected against risks, such as: • ESD (electrostatic discharge) shocks • Overheating • Humidity • Water (immersion, etc.) • Vibrations • Mechanical shocks • Salt spray • Temperatures (low and high) • Contaminants in general (dust, hydrocarbons, etc.) Bonding can form part of this protection, such as when adhesives are used to seal housings or when components (power condensers) are bonded together to reduce their movements. Especially nowadays it's use of enormous importance, the right chemicals for your applications in the electronics sector, in order to offer reliable and durable first-class products. Your decision in any of our materials will have a direct, positive impact on the durability, quality and features of your products. Parla Tech offers a complete product line for your applications in the electronic field. Our years of experience, we help you naturally in selecting the right products and are happy to answer your questions. If desired, we can also make an appointment at your place

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