Our Mission

At Parla Tech, we express who we are, through our Guiding Principles, Mission, Core Values and Objectives. Developed over time, each represents philosophy or goal that is intrinsically important to the organization. We invite you to explore these four ways of understanding Parla Tech as an organization:

  • Our Mission
  • Guiding Principles
  • Core Values
  • Objective
  • Our vision 
  • Our Philosophy

Our Mission:

"To provide optimal Quality and Customer Service by innovation and integration of leading edge global technologies".
Our Guiding Principles:

  • To form an agile Customer Driven Organization
  • Set standards in the chosen industries or profiles which we choose to work in.
  • To make it work for all.

Our Core Values:

Core Values are the essential and enduring principles of Parla Tech that are integral to our success to date. These core values are unaffected by the trends of the day or market conditions and are so very part of our culture. They are:

  • Continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence:
    To relentlessly pursue continuous improvement and excellence in products, projects, processes and services and define success as getting the right things done well.
  • Respect for individuals:
    We believe in respect for the individual and care about investing in each other's growth.
  • Learning and Self Improvement:
    We maintain curiosity towards the world and have a passion for lifelong learning. We believe in continuous self-improvement and in developing our own leadership skills.
  • Credibility and Integrity:
    We conduct ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty as individuals, as teams, and as a company. We strive to earn enduring credibility with others, which we believe, is essential to long-term personal and business relationships.

Our Objectives:

  • Technology objectives:
    To bring in leading edge technologies from the Best in the world.         
  • Business Objectives:
    To strive to be the preferred pathway for technology. Our business activities will be characterized by quality, innovation, timeliness, competitive awareness, ethical business practices and outstanding service to our customers.         
  • Human Objectives:
    To cultivate a vibrant, participatory and rational work environment that nurtures individual growth, empowerment, and responsibility; appreciates diversity; encourages initiative and creativity; values teamwork; shares success; and rewards excellence.

Our vision:

1. Totally Reliable

  • We pride ourselves on our speed of response. We offer same day dispatch of  stocked items;
  • Single source ordering and access more than 450,000 products.

2. Intuitive

  • Relevant technical advice which anticipates your needs;
  • Our “Product Watch” service offers you timely notification of obsolete products along with advice on choosing an alternative.

3. with Integrity

  • Simple straightforward customer processes that serves your time and money.

4. Resourceful

  • Product Find – our one-stop-shop solution for those hard to find products;     
  • We can search the database of over 4 million not in catalogue items from hundreds of global manufactures;
  • We keep you fully informed about the latest technologies, product introductions and market developments.

5. We Are Dedicated to Making Your Working Life Easier

  • No minimum order value;
  • Vendor reduction – our one-stop-shop service is designed to meet all your needs;
  • We maximize your order efficiency through our multiple order channels;
  • We offer you special customized offers and promotions;
  • We lower your purchasing costs with quantity breaks and volume discounts;
  • We can convert most of our competitor's part numbers to our order codes and get you the exact match or direct replacement.

6. Save time – allow us to help your work more efficiently

  • Convenient single source saves your time searching for products;
  • Through our partners we reduce your process down-time with immediate ex-stock availability;
  • We deliver what you need fast using the world’s leading express carriers;
  • Vendor reduction reduces administration and paperwork;
  • We help you to plan your inventory requirements with scheduled ordering;
  • We offer convenience and simplicity in a complex world.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in: Striving to transform customer and supplier relationships into mutually beneficial partnerships.

Standards: Always to provide our customers with a solution that increases their productivity and competitive advantage whilst respecting environmental and safety issues.

Strategy: To consolidate our reputation as a provider of high quality industrial products and customer specific solutions.

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