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High Pressure Hydraulic Tools & Equipment :

Parla Tech is a privately owned, specialist supplier - both hire and sale - of hydraulic bolting, flange spreading and alignment equipment and sells a wide range of other hydraulic tools and equipment including hydraulic cylinders, pumps and workshop maintenance equipment. Our client base is from all corners of the Middle East and special Iran.

We are a distributor for SPX Bolting Systems and Power Team - being trading divisions of SPX Hydraulic Technologies made in USA - Norbar Torque Tools, Wrenches, Multipliers, Calibration and  Equalizer International. Uniquely in this market place, the hydraulic bolting tools and flange equipment is made in the UK.

We work closely with the our partner to bring safe and reliable bolting and flange working solutions to our clients.

our other related High Pressure Hydraulic Tools & Equipment are  :

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Molykote™ lubricants have a very long tradition in the industry. They have been resolving numerous taxing challenges worldwide since 1948. The series of Molykote™ lubricants from Dow Chemical® reliably reduce friction and wear, extend the lubrication intervals and reduce the maintenance costs. The savings result from the extended lifetime of machinery and the optimised lubricant requirement. Molykote™ lubricants are suitable both for use under the usual industrial conditions and for high loadings such as extreme temperatures and velocities as well as in dirty, dusty or chemically contaminated environments. The decade-long success of Molykote™ lubricants is based an enormous wealth of experience in almost all areas of industry and the reliable performance of the products.


Dow Corning® is a global leader in silicones and silicon-based technology. It offers solutions to improve industrial performance and to meet the diverse needs of more than 25,000 customers worldwide.

Dow Corning is the world’s largest producer of silicon-based technology and silicone products, with over 60 years of manufactured products are adhesives and silicone sealants, silicone rubbers, lubricants, release agents for cookware, sound insulating silicone, lotions, skin care products, polymers for high temperature applications, liquid high purity silicon wafers, silicon for use in semiconductor and solar panels, and silicone waxes.

Dowsil, formerly Dow Corning was established in 1943 specifically to explore and develop the potential of silicones. The company was created jointly by Corning Glass Works (now Corning Incorporated) and The Dow Chemical Company, who continue to have equal parts of the company.

From its pioneering role in the development of silicones for commercial applications, Dowsil has grown to become the global leader in technology and innovation of silicon-based materials.The brand offers products and solutions that meet the needs of customers in virtually every industry and improve the daily lives of approximately one billion people worldwide. Many of the components in the automotive, electronics, electrical engineering and industry in general require bonded or sealed against dust and moisture and prevent leakage of gas or fluid loss.




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