Zip-Chem specializes in the production of chemicals for the manufacture and maintenance of civil and military aircraft brand. Its range of products for the aviation sector includes lubricants, corrosion inhibitors (CIC), cleaners, sealants, adhesives and solvents. Sensitive to environmental concerns and the importance of weight control in the aviation sector, Zip-Chem eligible to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) not affect the ozone layer and maintain the standards of air quality and designed to its chemical specialties and South-Prep, Aero-Lube, Calla or Cor-Ban, can be applied in thin layers to achieve the lowest possible weight while maintaining the degree of efficiency. Zip-Chem has several commercial specifications (Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Sillouslly) and military (Mil Spec) Zip-Chem is the company producer of the best aircraft chemical products-lubricants, CICs, cleaners, sealants, solvents and adhesives. These products for the aviation industry, requires special expertise in formulating and delivering product.

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